After upgrading to Windows 10, it is highly possible that one or more of the following items will become non-responsive:

  • Start menu
  • Cortana (Search bar)
  • App store
  • Live tiles
  • Apps from App store 

All of the above problems may be related to incompatibility between the Windows Registry of  previous and current Windows.

The upgrade process might not succeed in transforming all settings from the previous to the current Windows operating system.

 The ultimate solution

  1. Backup all your data in the following areas:
    • Desktop
    • User profile (Documents, Music, Video…etc.)
    • Outlook data file
    • Internet bookmarks
  2. Go to Control Panel and choose User Accounts
  3. Create a new account with (Administrator) privileges.
  4. Restore your data files from the previous account to the new account.
  5. Delete the old account and its files from the Control Panel/ User Accounts. (Warning: make sure you have backed up and restored all what you want from this old account)
  6. Enjoy a clean experience of Windows 10

The result

By creating a new user account under Windows 10, you are starting your journey with a brand new user profile with clean settings and configurations. Enjoy Windows 10.