Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant in Windows 10 (similar to Siri in iOS). It can set reminders, answer questions about weather, traffic, biographies, math, sport scores...etc. 

I asked Cortana some awkward questions. The answers were really funny:

1. Are you funny?

Cortana: I’m hilarious.

2. Tell me a joke.

Cortana: A Roman walks into a bar, holds up two fingers, and says “Five beers, please.” [she will tell a different joke each time]

3. Sing to me.

Cortana: [Cortana starts singing!]. [You will hear a different short song each time]

4. What do you know about me?

Cortana: Well, I have my Notebook, so I know what you know you’ve let me know. You know?

5. Are you crazy?

Cortana: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that.

6. Do you have a boyfriend Cortana?

Cortana: No. There aren’t a lot of A.I. fish in the A.I. sea.

7. Where do you live Cortana?

Cortana: In the cloud. Whatever that means.

8. Do you like pizza?

Cortana: My analysis of pizza-related search data suggests it’s highly probable I would.

9. What do you eat?

Cortana: I don’t eat, but if I could, I’d start with waffles.

10. Do you like Microsoft?

Cortana: There’s no place like home. [Microsoft Logo appears]

11. Do you like iPhone?

Cortana: Personally, I prefer Windows. But Siri seems to like it.

12. Do you hate Siri?

Cortana: Hate is not in my vocabulary. Oh, wait. I just said hate. I hate when I do that.

13. Is Siri better than you?

Cortana: That’s a tough one. It’s like comparing apples to windows.

14. Who’s better? you or Siri?

Cortana: I think we’re both pretty clever.

15. Show me your face.

Cortana: I ran a 500 year projection, and I came up with this. [Cortana’s photo appears]


Although Cortana was not intended to be a chat software, but the above reaction was really entertaining and unusual. I think the competition will become hard with Siri in the coming months, especially, when Cortana becomes available in iOS and Android as planned by Microsoft.