A quick reading into Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

A quick reading into Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

90K developers have expressed their statuses and opinions

 If you want to know what's in the minds of 90K developers, this will help you
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By Feb 2019, 90K developers were surveyed by Stack Overflow, the largest developer resource and community in the web.

In the below reading, most wanted means most wanted by the developers.

Below are some interesting results

  • Respondents are mostly developers full, back and front. (i.e. compared to other types of professions)
  • They rarely contribute to open source
  • They see code as a hoppy rather than as a work (The positive mentality of being paid for doing a hoppy)
  • Most developers have 5 to 9 years of experience in coding where 5 or less of the years are done in a profession.
  • Mostly the first line of code was done between 12 and 19 years old.
  • Students mostly don’t write code.
  • Most developers hold the bachelor’s degree. The second degree is Master’s.
  • Most of developers hold Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering majors.
  • Developers like to self-learn new languages and frameworks and a small portion may seek an online course.
  • Most developers in the survey are of white race, men, and straight/ heterosexual.
  • Most developers are between 20 and 34 years old.
  • An average developer is 32 years old with 15 years of coding experience.
  • Most developers think they are a little above the average in terms of competency.
  • Most developers have less life outside work.
  • Developers hate it, but they are the IT support for their families.
  • Developers are optimistic about the life of their children.
  • Developers use Reddit, then YouTube, then WhatsApp, then Facebook, then Twitter and less of other social media.
  • Developers like real life chat more than online.
  • Developers see Elon Musk as their top influencer, then (in too much less rates) Jeff Bezos then Satya Nadella.
  • Most used languages are JavaScript, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python, Java, Shell commands, then C# and then the rest.
  • Most used web frameworks are jQuery, then React.js, then Angular/Angular.js, then ASP.NET, then the rest.
  • Most used libraries are Node.js, .NET and .NET Core.
  • Most Used DB’s are MySQL, PostgreSQL, then Microsoft SQL Server, then SQLite, then Mongo, then Redis, then Maria.
  • Most target platform were Linux, then Windows, then Docker, then Android, then AWS, then the rest.
  • Most loved languages are Rust, Python, TypeScript, Kotlin and the rest. Most hated languages are VBA, Objective-C, Assembly, C, PHP and comes the rest. Most wanted languages are Python, then JavaScript, then Go, then TypeScript, then comes the rest.
  • Most loved Web frameworks are React.js, Vue.js, Express, then Spring, then ASP.NET, then comes the rest. Most hated Web frameworks Drupal, then jQuery, then Ruby on Rails, then Angular.js then comes the rest. Most wanted web frameworks are React.js, then Vue.js, then Angular/Angular.js, then Django, then jQuery and then comes the rest.
  • Most loved libraries are .NET Core, Torch/PyTorch, Flutter and then comes the rest. Most hated libraries are Chef, Cordova, Puppet and the rest. Most wanted libraries are Node.js, TensorFlow, React Native and then comes the rest.
  • Most loved DB’s are Redis, PostgreSQL and the rest. Most hated DB’s are Couchbase, Oracle, Cassandra, then MySQL then the rest. Most wanted DB’s are Mongo, then PostgreSQL the Elasticsearch, the Redis and then comes the rest.
  • Most loved target platforms are Linux, then Docker, then Kubernetes, then comes the rest. Most hated target platforms are WordPress, IBM Cloud/Watson, then Heroku, then comes the rest. Most wanted target platforms are Docker, AWS, then Android then the rest.
  • Most used IDE’s are VS Code, then VS, then Notepad++ and then the rest.
  • Developers’ Primary OS are Windows, then Mac OS.
  • Less than 25% developers use containers in production.
  • Most organizations of developers do not use Blockchain and if they use it, it’s not for currency.
  • Top paying languages are Clojure, then F#, then Go, then Scala and comes the rest.
  • Most of developers are full-timers then a small portion is freelancer or self-employed.
  • Most developers have jobs.
  • Most developers work for software companies, then IT companies, then Financial and banking, then software as a service then the rest.
  • Most developers work for companies between 20 and 500 employees.
  • Most developers are satisfied with their job and career.
  • Most developers are confident of their managers.
  • Most developers think they don’t have to become managers to make more money.
  • Most developers don’t want to become managers in the future.
  • Most developers are willing to change their companies.
  • Most developers will change their companies in 4 years.
  • Most developers make interview activities with their senior management, then their peers.
  • Most developers keep their CV’s up to date.
  • Developers think the most important to them is the language, the frameworks, then the office environment and culture, then the flexible schedule.
  • Developers mostly don’t work remotely.
  • Developers want to work from office rather than home or other places.
  • Developers schedule work independently or through peers in the team.
  • Developers think that what challenges productivity is distracting work environment, then meetings, then being asked to do non-development work, then not enough people for the workload, then comes the rest.
  • Developers think open source and closed source have similar qualities.
  • Developers self-review their code because they think this is important even if they were not asked to do so.
  • Developers unit test their work if it is part of the process and if not, they feel unit testing should be done.
  • Developers like to listen to music to focus.
  • Globally developers are paid in the common range of 40K to 100K USD per year according to many factors.
  • Most developers work between 40 to 44 hours a week.
  • Developers depend greatly on Stack Overflow.

For the complete survey, see: Stack Overflow Survey 2019

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